Get Top Quality Plasma Cutting Control System from the Best Manufacturers of China

Looking for the best plasma cutting control systems? We have the best ones that are highly applicable, yet versatile for all industrial projects. We always come up with the product that is obtained with the latest tech, newest trends, and demanding labels.

Our provided CNC plasma control system comes in immense variety and totally different from others in terms of table size, gantry weight, and type of plasma cutter. Our provided cutting control system comes with different motor cable lengths, motor configurations, and a wide variety of plasma cutter connection kits.

The table’s performance completely relies on the motion controller. Each line of g-code should be precisely deciphered and sent to the right part; doing this rapidly and precisely can prompt huge advances in table execution.

Our controllers use large processors to read hundreds of lines of g-code in advance for accelerating and decelerating the motors at faster rates. This expanded preparing power triggers a better control of the plasma and can prompt better cut quality, quicker employment consummation times, and longer consumable life.

Perks Of Buying Plasma Cutting Control system From Us

If you buy a plasma control system from us, then we can avail the following perks;

  • Convenient Installation

We provide convenient installation of our CNC control system. Our plasma cutting control system are affordable and near plug-and-play installations/retrofits.

  • Compatible For Almost Any CNC control system

We provide a highly customizable package that suits any plasma machine requirement/specification with provided options for Control System, Drives, Motors, and even the CNC Software.

  • Guaranteed Quality

Lastly, our manufactured products are of top-notch quality. Our accomplished designers are all-rounders and talented enough in creating a CNC control system for different mechanical applications from little employment machines, as far as possible up to full Warehouse Automation.

Specifications of Our CNC Plasma Control System

  • 4 Analog (12 bit) inputs
  • 110 kHz pulse rate on each axis
  • MPG handwheel dial support
  • Dedicated hardware, requiring no PC
  • 39 Inputs
  • 22 Outputs

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