Avail the Best CNC Plasma THC Controller System at Best Price Now

For every industrial application, a high-performance torch height control (THC) is crucial to make the most of your CNC plasma table. For this reason, we have upgraded our Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma THC Controller and system to give you the fastest THC as much as possible.

A good quality digital torch height controller is important for supreme cut quality and longest consumable life from CNC plasma, and we feel that you can’t have a complete CNC plasma table without it.

Our manufactured torch height controller device is completely united into control software, so there is no need for a separate manual. The CNC THC controller system which we provide enable table operator to simply select the material and material thickness when working on cut operation; the table does the rest of the work.

This makes one of the best features of our plasma THC controller system and it really helps in simplifying table operation. Prearranged the Arclight Dynamics CNC plasma table will naturally import the right settings, guaranteeing that your table will cut perfectly the first run through. The torch height controller and plasma THC controller of our company are of top-notch quality as we never compromise on quality.

Notable Features Of Our CNC Plasma THC Controller Quality Product

We always make sure the torch height controller and other products we manufacture and provide is rich in multiple features such as;

  • Fully standalone plasma torch height control
  • Controls the Z-axis directly and independently of the CNC control
  • Adjustable pierce height and cut height in 0.1 mm intervals
  • Dual Speed Initial Height Sensing for both Ohmic and Floating switch-based Ihs
  • Advanced PID loop for dynamic correction during Automatic mode
  • Dynamically adjust pierce height
  • Microcontroller based digital design
  • Separate Voltage Divider and control units to avoid Plasma Noise. Works with HF pilot based Plasma Power Sources
  • Stepper / Servo motor based Z-Axis control for higher precision and higher resolution with acceleration. It does not offer DC-based motor control.

You can place an order for the digital torch height controller, CNC plasma THC controller, and CNC plasma control system at any time from us, the leading CNC Control System manufacturers. Contact us today for any other product queries.